Nettex Gut Balancer

Nettex Gut Balancer

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concentrated yeast culture for optimum performance. 

Regardless of your horses’ workload, age, type, discipline, stress levels or nutritional status, Diamond V can complement and enhance feed digestibility, palatability, fibre digestion and overall health quickly and efficiently helping to keep your horse healthy, happy and in peak condition from the inside out.

By feeding Gut Balancer, acid levels are dramatically reduced alleviating discomfort and minimising the risk of gastric related conditions that may result in weight loss, loose droppings and vices such as windsucking, crib biting, box walking and discomfort when girthed up.

Fed on a regular basis it will help against the onset of digestive related problems, promote healthy skin and coat condition, maintain weight with effective vitamin, mineral and nutrient absorption and maintain a healthy hind gut function. Acid levels can increase during stressful situations especially during competition, travelling or the everyday anxieties that occur.  It will also help to calm irritable horses and is ideal to be fed after periods of illness or medication to restore the overall balance of your horse’s health.

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