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Seniormineral –
All-round care for the older horse
Seniormineral meets the needs of the senior horse. Older horses have different mineral requirements than their younger colleagues and this should be taken into account in their daily feed in order to ensure their good health, well-being and strong physical condition well into old age.
Seniormineral’s recipe is based on AGROBS trusted dried green fibre which meets all the nutritional demands of a healthy diet without the addition of cereals or molasses. Seniormineral also delivers readily available nutrients such as amino acids, B vitamins and vitamin C in order to maintain good muscle structure and strengthen the immune system. Linseed cake, brewer’s yeast and selected oils (sunflower and linseed) stimulate digestion and ensure a beautiful coat. In short, the body is supplied naturally with all the necessary vitamins and fatty acids required. Fruit, vegetables and rose hip round off the recipe making Seniormineral a valuable and healthy contribution to the well-being of your horse.
Seniormineral from AGROBS is suitable for all types of horse. Thanks to the low starch and sugar content and the complete lack of cereals, the feed is also perfect for sensitive animals such as those suffering from metabolic disorders (Equine Cushing Syndrome, Equine Metabolic Syndrome) or allergies.

  • Daily feed including all important minerals and trace elements for old and maturing horses
  • Thanks to low starch and sugar and a complete lack of grain, Seniormineral is also perfect for use with sensitive animals such as those suffering from metabolic disorders (Equine Cushing Syndrome, Equine Metabolic Syndrome) or allergies.


  • free from cereals
  • based on trusted Pre Alpin dried green fibre
  • contains all vital minerals, vitamins and trace elements
  • rich in amino acids
  • balanced calcium/phosphorus levels
  • free from molasses
  • reduced starch and sugar content

Feeding Recommendation

  • 10 to 15g per 100kg body weight per day
    (600kg horse = 60 to 90g)
Mineral feed for Horses


PRE ALPINE dried green fibers, alfalfa fiber, linseed cake, brewer's yeast and extracts of brewer's yeast, oil blend(linseed, sunflower seeds, black cumin), carrot, beetroot, rose hip, seaweed meal, apple syrup



Crude protein 10,00  % Sodium 0,30 %
Crude oils and fats 4,50 % Lysin 2,80 %
Crude fiber 8,00 % Methionin 2,50 %
Ash 45,00 % Cystein 0,10 %
Ash insoluble in HCl 2,20 % Threonin 0,30 %
Calcium 13,50 % Starch 0,90 %
Phosphorus 6,00 % Sugar 2,10 %
Magnesium 1,50 %    

other ingredients per kg:

Vitamin A 100.000 I.E. Choline chloride 500 mg  
Vitamin D3 10.000 I.E. Folic acid 200 mg  
Vitamin C 20.000 mg Biotin 15.000 mcg
Vitamin E als alpha-Tocopherol 15.000 mg Iron 500 mg Fe(II)sulfat Monohydrat E1
Vitamin B1 900 mg Copper 1.000 mg Cu(II)sulfat Pentahydrat E4, Aminosäure-Cu-Chelat, Hydrat
Vitamin B2 600 mg Manganese 1.500 mg Mn(II)sulfat Monohydrat E5, Aminosäure-Mn-Chelat, Hydrat
Vitamin B6 600 mg Zinc 6.000 mg Zn-Sulfat Monohydrat E6, Aminosäure-Zn-Chelat, Hydrat
Vitamin B12 3.000 mcg Selenium 15 mg Na-Selenit und organisch, inaktivierte Selenhefe
Pantothenic acid 1.000 mg Iodine 10 mg Ca-Jodat E2
Niacin 1.500 mg Cobalt 50 mg coated Co(II)carbonat granulate (3b304)
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