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Spillers Senior Super Mash 20kg
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Bed Down Excel
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Bed Down
Red Mills GROCARE Balancer
Red Mills
Saracen Racing Prep 14
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Simple System Organic Salt Bucket
Simple System
NLH Clivers and Marigold 930g
Natraliving Health
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Steve F.
6 November 2018
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Steve F.
20 May 2016
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Hat Fitting at The Paddock Pantry

  Our hat, body protector and air jacket fitting and refitting service is by appointment only to help us give you the time and attention required to fit your safety equipment properly, ensuring you are comfortable and get the most out of its design. It is easy to book your appointment below, just click on the date in bold on the calendar and it will show you the availab...

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Spring warning! Is your horse dying to be turned out?
Steve F.
10 May 2016
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Spring warning! Is your horse dying to be turned out?

Is your horse dying to be turned out? There is a seasonal spike in colic caused by the significant change in diet from a mainly hay/haylage diet to grass. Help your horse by making the change slowly – ideally over at least a week or so, gradually increasing the time spent at grass. If you are working or have other commitments and can’t just pop back to bring them in,&nb...

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