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Hat Fitting at The Paddock Pantry

20 May 2016

Spring warning! Is your horse dying to be turned out?

Is your horse dying to be turned out? There is a seasonal spike in colic caused by the significant change in diet from mainly hay/haylage to grass. Help your horse by making the change slowly – ideally over a week or so, gradually increasing the time spent at grass. If you are working for example, so can’t just pop back to bring them it, start the process at the weekend so they get at least 2 days working up to full turnout. You can also help by feeding a pre-pro biotic like Protexin shown below, just before and during the transition to help your horse maintain its hindgut bacteria. We hope you found this tip useful, if so please press the share button!

10 May 2016

Don't poison your horse? Start digging ragwort out when it is at the rosette stage

Ragwort Poisoning Each ragwort plant can produce up to 120,000 seeds so it makes sense to start early! Remember to dispose of the plants that you dig out carefully, ensuring your horse doesn’t have access to them. We use the Finalyte Weeder to get the whole root out quickly and easily as ragwort can regenerate from root fragments – starting early makes it an easy job which you can do in stages rather than panicking when the Ragwort is in flower. Symptoms The symptoms of ragwort poisoning are of chronic liver disease but acute liver disease can occur: Abdominal pain (colic) Diarrhoea, Constipation and Straining In-coordination Skin Photosensitisation Yawning Head Pressing Apparent Blindness Collapse, Coma, Death Jaundice is not a common feature We hope you found this tip useful, if so please press the share button!

3 May 2016

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